Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Review



Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit may have been advertised as an action-packed spy movie, but to be honest it is a film that is fairly boring to be considered a thriller. I have seen many advertisements for months about this movie and I was excited after seeing the disaster Tom Cruise movie Jack Reacher. I felt Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit  would have made up for that film since it was advertised to be in IMAX. It is a film that should be reconsidered before spending so much money to see it in IMAX. Since it may not be appealing to some viewers.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit follows the story of the character named Jack Ryan (played by Chris Pine). He is a young covert CIA analyst. During his work days, he keeps the fact that he works for the CIA a secret from his wife Cathy Muller (played by Keira Knightley). Jack tries all he can to keep secrets from his wife, but the more suspicious he is, the more she worries and wants to investigate his life (that she is not aware of) by herself.

Jack is bought into a serious situation though. Thomas Harper (played by Kevin Costner) is another man who works for the CIA and together they realize the Russians have a plot to do a terrorism attack on the U.S. economy. Now Jack must resolve this global issue and try to figure out with himself if he should or should not tell his wife the truth that he works for the CIA.

This film made me confused. I enjoy spy movies that range from the James Bond series, The Millennium trilogy, and other great ones as well. I asked myself though, what is the main focus? His wife? Or the terrorism attack? Jack Ryan was just going back and forth between those two elements and I was losing attention. The sound quality of IMAX did not help to make it feel like an epic, movie-watching experience.

This film is honestly a hit or miss. I would rather just watch a James Bond film or even something that is boring but involves my full-on attention. The action was entertaining but only like two or three times. Two stars.


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