Ride Along Review



Ride Along appears to seem like a film that may look as if it is a typical cop-comedy film.  It kind of is one of those films. What is entertaining about it the most is the dialogue and humor between Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. However, for Kevin Hart fans who are fans of his comedy and fans of other cop comedies like White Chicks21 Jump Street, and many others, than this film may be worth your time. Just do not assume it will be considered best comedy of the year or anything like that.

Ride Along focuses on a man named Ben (Hart) who is an avid online gamer of video games, a man who is obsessed with his girlfriend, and of course a man of high hopes to get into the police academy to become a police officer. He has two goals at once: to marry his girlfriend Angela and to become a hardcore police officer. Only conflict though, his colleague James (Cube) is Angela’s brother and is also his colleague in the police force. He has much more experience in the field of being a police officer than Ben does.

With James being a ruthless and self-centered jerk, he has low expectations of Ben and is really against him marrying his sister. However, he is also aware that Ben is so obsessed with being an officer and wants to impress Angela. Therefore, James makes a deal with Ben. In order for Ben to marry his sister, he must join him on a “ride along” to prove he is worthy enough to be in the academy and has got the guts to marry his sister. Which honestly, in no doubt will not be as smooth.

I was laughing during the movie. I am a person that when something is funny I will just start laughing and cannot help it. With Ride Along I was honestly surprised that I was laughing that much. Since before the movie I was thinking to myself that it was going to be boring or one of those films that is over-advertised and not actually a classic like it seemed to be advertised. 

The film is funny, but as it progresses, it just relies on the violence and the dialogue to find the funny. It had a plot structure but honestly was not really focusing on the plot to captivate its audience. It relied too much of the Kevin James dialogue and the quirky car chases, and quirky violence to find its funny.

Ride Along is a decent comedy. However, it is one I was impressed with for a few portions of it, but still think it could have been improved a ton. If you are looking for a comedy this may be worth a shot but it is also one I would just wait for DVD honestly. Two Stars.



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