Gravity review By Tarek Fayoumi



Nothing can defeat a space adventure that Gravity is. Gravity is visually-stunning. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are spectacle in this cinematic experience where viewers feel they are part of the suspense. Especially in IMAX 3D. There have been several space movies that have captivated me, and at first with Gravity I was worried about it at first with the fact it is only ninety-two minutes. Where as most space movies go like two hours flat. However, it was a ninety-two minute thrill ride that I will have to experience again once it re-releases in IMAX January 31st. It is so worth it even for a second experience if it has already been seen once.

The story follows a space mission involving two astronauts in space Ryan Stone (Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (Clooney). Both are traveling space together and working on space mechanics in space. However within minutes of their procedures, things start falling apart. Satellites crashing, metal objects flying everywhere, and the home base getting destroyed. This leaves only Stone and Kowalski to find a way to survive so many stories high into space with probably very little or maybe even know help. In IMAX the suspense feels real, and you feel like literally you are joining them in the process of trying to survive.

I was blown away by this movie. I am a fan of many space movies like Apollo 13, ET, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and many more. It makes you look back at these space films wondering how space can be. It especially makes you think about what would actually happen if you could go to space in your life. How would you prepare? What can possibly go wrong? Gravity leaves you asking yourself all of these questions and actually makes the film become a more inviting experience when it gets even more suspenseful.

This is  Alfonso Cuaron’s tenth installment. I remember the most previous sci-fi movie he directed was back in the year 2006 and the film was Children of Men. For the editing he had his editor who edited his film Children of Men to edit Gravity. That editor is Emmanuel Lubezki. I will say honestly the editor deserves credit for editing this roller coaster ride of a movie. He made the space scenes so visual and was able to capture a variety of facial expressions of Sandra Bullock. Those facial expressions make audience feel that we can feel the emotions of the danger that Bullock’s character is experiencing.

Do they make it out of space alive? If you have not seen it Find out and see it for yourself. Three and a half stars. It is now playing in 3D for a limited time but if you really want the experience it returns to IMAX January 31. Do not miss it.


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