Monuments Men Review by Tarek Fayoumi



With all of the high expectations really high in December and then decreasing right as we find out a war film is being pushed back really caused “Monuments Men” to be a film that is complete boredom. Also it is a disappointment because it has many big names ranging from Clooney, Damon, Goodman, Murray, Blanchett and more. This film was basically designated to be a big movie to see on Christmas time but at that time or close to it, it got pushed back.

“Monuments Men” is about a bunch of soldiers who are gathered to rescue arts stolen by Nazi criminals and return them to their owners during World War 2. The gang is run by Stokes (Clooney) and he gathers up men that have some talent and art background to help him get the arts back. 

Only problem I was having with this movie, was the fact that it was not an epic war movie like “Saving Private Ryan” with amazing sound effects, it was a film where you felt like you were just watching a more boring version of “12 Angry Men.” The violence is very minimal and all made basically for laughs and their is lack of plot dialogue as well.

Overall, this is a film that was an extreme disappointment. I will not watch it again. I am upset honestly, because I wanted to see this movie badly, even with it getting pushed back. It was not improved being pushed back, it was ruined. One star.

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