Philomena Review By Tarek Fayoumi


A charming, witty, and triumphant director Stephen Frear’s “Philomena” is destined to be the brilliant and true story of a lady named “Philomena” searching for her lost son. “Philomena’s” message defines friendship, true friendship and assistance. That being between a journalist and a lonely woman, but they are a classy mix.

It tells the true story of a journalist that is struggling after being let go from the Labour party and is furious. The journalist’s name is Martin Sixsmith (played by Steve Coogan), a man who really seeks a new story to help him revive from being let go of the normal news he does. He comes across the story of a woman who is searching for her son, because when she was younger her son was taken away from her. Her son was taken away, because she got pregnant with him decades ago, and was forced to live in a convent. Her name is “Philomena”(played by Judi Dench).

Sixsmith chooses to help “Philomena” find her son. They have a variety of similarities. They have the same interests in books, same interests in entertainment, and religion. Religion on the other hand not being Sixsmith’s cup of tea. He just finds that “Philomena” being catholic is not really much help to finding her son. 

This movie is made me want to cry at the end. I am generally someone who is able to prevent crying in a movie. Its touching moments and its connections are oscar-worthy, along with being short and dramatic film makes “Philomena” seem like a film that has to be viewed again and again.

Stephen Frears directed this film but Coogan did not only star in the film, he did the screenplay for “Philomena.” Coogan however has written for a variety of TV series and “Philomena” is one of his first big films to do the screenplay’s for. Also though, another man helped him with the screenplay and that man is Jeff Pope. For Pope and Coogan both this is their first big screenplay. They both worked at their best to make a film with dialogue that is captivating to audience in the sense that they are following the true story of “Philomena.” Dench is quirky and serious in a way that is rewarding and talented. Coogan is nerdy and opinionated but also very funny. This film is just a hit.

Does “Philomena” find out if where her son is? Best for you to find out. Four stars.


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