The Lives of Others Review By Tarek Fayoumi



For a while, I have not really been that into former Foreign Films, but the “The Lives of Others” held my attention. It weaves characters between a spy, a writer, and the writer’s wife. All in the works of a spy that listens in on them through surveillance system suspecting something fishy. However, it is not that whatever the writer or his wife has done that is the big picture of this production, it is the fact that the spy feels he is just part of their life.

I will describe how the structure of this film is setup. A brilliant dramatist Georg Dreyman (played by Sebastian Koch) and his lover Christina-Marie Sieland (played Martina Gedeck) is an actress. The Minister of Culture holds great interest in Christina. Therefore Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler (played by Ulrich Muhe) is acted to do surveillance on the couple.

There is a lot to be determined with “The Lives of Others” than the confusing setting of the film. This film is not your typical spy movie that holds your attention forever, but is a film that shows how people can really feel like they are involved in people’s lives when there is no relation whatsoever. “The Lives Of Others” could have been just a boring version of two and half men, if no one listens to any of the interviews with the director Florian von Donnersmarck. Where he states that, “If audience is not responding emotionally to his film, than they are being irrational.”

This film I think is one that is just made to be a different type of suspense. Good to me but review wise two stars.


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