Movies from the Past…The Weatherman review…by Tarek Fayoumi


I really do not know how to define how “The Weatherman” is a good movie. Mixed emotions I guess is the right way to feel. Since this is not your ordinary weatherman, he is a weatherman with a bunch of drama to deal with. All things in the life of Dave Spritz (played by Nicholas Cage) is obstacles; his son thinks it is appropriate to for him to be hanging out with his counselor, his daughter cannot find activities that suit her, he is divorced, and above all his father Robert Spritzel (played by Michael Caine) is dying of cancer. In the end, I connect these issues together, and just appreciate that I do not live in this type of life style.

This film could have been somewhat captivating if it had any connection with “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Gore Verbinski directed a film about pirates, now he is directing a dark drama. Difference is “Pirates of The Caribbean” was Disney and meant for family, this one is just meant for pure adult audience. I guess the young crowd convinced Verbinski to want to do something more serious than receive so much teen attention after “Pirates of The Caribbean.”

In “The Weatherman” Dave Spritz is a weatherman with tons of family problems and so much stress on his hands given he is recognized by the press. I know that life sounds like it sucks doesn’t it? The entire film is all set on Spritz’s behavior. Trying to be professional at his job, doing his best to keep his goods in good spirits, trying to help his sick father, but also his use of frequent swearing which is fairly a ridiculous amount of F bombs adds up that nothing goes well for Spritz ninety percent of the time.

Both Dave and his ex-wife Noreen (played by Hope Davis) have so many problems that they struggle to resolve. Noreen claims that the divorce is because she was never in love with Dave, but then right away she gets a new boyfriend, so both are to blame for divorce. Dave ‘s entire focus is for his children to be happy, but is always hesitant, because of how he feels about his father’s view on his parenting skills

Things will work for Dave Spritz. He has so much drama to deal with but some positive vibes going. His ability to entertain people on camera and with family add up to be an honest, but dark drama. Three stars.


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