The Selfish Giant Review by Tarek Fayoumi


“The Selfish Giant” may be a happy fairytale, but its adaptation into a movie is pure haunting. “The Selfish Giant” tells a story about two friends that are troublemakers together. The boys behavior causes them to be expelled from school and fall into earning money working for a scrap-dealer and also a criminal. However, it is not the boys’s behavior that is haunting, it is the fact that their lives are at risk. It is easy to understand that age thirteen is the common age for kids to want to become popular and immature. Their immaturity hurts them negatively with the trouble they are putting themselves into, but it is brilliant with compassion and friendship.

The boy who is the big troublemaker is Arbor (played by Conner Chapman). Arbor is keen to make money and impress the criminal Kitten (played by Sean Gilder). Arbor is very devoted to having a negative tone,

I keep this review short since the film is haunting, so find out for yourselves everyone.

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