“The Skeleton Twins” Review


With Craig Johnson’s “The Skeleton Twins,” I do not know how to describe this film. Heartfelt and dramatic, may sound proper; for a brother and sister that struggle to stay close. Both siblings have messed up; the brother and sister chooses aggravating aspects to use as something to pick on each other with. In the end, I see this as something common, I remember times where my sister and I had disagreements, and we still do from time to time, but we’re still close as always.

I walked in thinking that this movie would be a comedy, but it is the complete opposite of that. It is a major melodrama. What it does have though…is funny actors. First, Bill Hader is wonderful, he lights up the film. Kristen Wigg as the female lead has never been better. Luke Wilson is quirky as his own self, but plays the part well. Finally, Ty Burrell is great, even though he is just a supporting role. Most of these actors are known for comedies, even though “The Skeleton Twins” is a drama, all of the actors are spectacle.

The film focuses on the life of two twins Maggie and Milo (Wigg and Hader) after ten years of being out of touch. Coincidentally, they both attempt suicide on the same day. This mistake on them leads them to reunite and figure out what has caused the drama in their life to occur. When the twins spend a few days together, they come to realize that to continue with better lives is to establish their own relationship together as brother and sister.

What I loved about this movie is that I can relate to it. All siblings have these moments of struggling to get along. Regardless of how much siblings love or hate each other, Maggie and Milo have some serious issues. You cannot help but become involved in what causes them to admit to their struggles.

Finally, I love how in this film, that it is touching. Without spoiling it, there are a variety of times where you think that Maggie and Milo are going to be like best pals. they do in a few instances, and that brings you to the joyful world of Maggie and Milo.

“The Skeleton Twins” is a dark comedy with some laughs, but is melancholy. If you want an honest film about the life of siblings, this is no doubt the right one.


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