“Gone Girl” Review by Tarek Fayoumi


The perfectly planned lies of the psychopath Amy Hull suggests a sense of insecurities for a wife that has a decent life, but she does not realize it. Most wives in films immediately start conflict. There are many characters from David Fincher films that are similar to Amy Hull. In this movie, it is Rosamund Pike as the psychopath wife. Creative demented, with over-exaggerated feelings, she is dangerous and no doubt wants her husband Nick Hull (Ben Affleck) to suffer.

The adaptations of Fincher have been what captivated me by his mystery flicks. I know that he had the author Gillian Flynn adapted her novel into a screenplay for Fincher. However, Flynn made a small change with the ending of the screenplay compared to the novel. The screenplay has a different ending in order for the readers of the novel to keep interested in the film adaptation. Also, it is a way to prevent spoilers.

The plot: it is the fifth wedding anniversary for Nick and Amy. All of a sudden, Amy has gone missing. The authorities and the rise of the media can cause Nick’s reputation to be negative. Nick has lies, deceits, and unexplained behavior with everyone assuming that Nick killed his wife.

The plot had my full attention. Before “Gone Girl” opened I watched his two previous films before “Gone Girl.” They were “The Social Network” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Fincher has great cinematography with both of these movies as he does with “Gone Girl.” His cinematography creates a sense of darkness, yet it is extremely inviting.

The puzzle to Amy’s disappearance is contorted. The evidence of Amy vanishing does not add up to if Nick is a killer or not. Apparently, there is no body for proof that Nick killed her.

Authorities find many clues realizing that Nick and Amy have had relationship problems. Most of it comes down to their insufficient funds, Amy’s diary (which contains information that is monstrous and bizarre), and just the fact that Nick is oblivious to what Amy does when she has down time.

The missing comes down to two more people involved in regards to Nick and Amy. Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris. Perry is Tanner Bolt (a lawyer for Nick), and Harris is Desi Collings (someone that was in a relationship with Amy at one point). With Bolt’s help of Nick’s situation, Colling’s is a shady man who is on Amy’s side and will not reveal much to Nick the past where he once dated Amy. These two characters (Bolt and Collings) can lead to truths that are ugly.

Overall, “Gone Girl” was tremendous. It was spellbinding, inviting, I did not want the movie to end. The premise is chilling and you will be desperate to find out the truth of Amy’s disappearance. Four stars.


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