“Iris” review


With me, I am not a person who is into fashion. I am a nerd. I collect tons of movies, I have everything in alphabetical order, fancy gadgets to make my life easier, and I have no taste for fashion. The movie “Iris” however is cleverly done. I did not find myself enthralled by the fashion portions of it, but by the moving documentary set on Iris Apfel who is a fascinating, elderly lady where fashion and art is her life.

Iris Apfel is someone who has been in the New York fashion scene for many years. However, the plot of the movie is not really fashion. The purpose of the movie (which I like) is set on creativity and how Iris remains to be inspired by her fashion and art at such an old age. She even states what motivates her as she says in her brilliant words, “If you’re lucky enough to do something you love, everything else follows.” Her followers, her life, her inspirations are what is the key to film’s positivity.

I liked how the movie had a variety of interviews and tours done by Iris. This gave us an idea of how certain portions of her life built upon her creativity. An example of this is a scene where matching jewelry plays an importance to her. Her vast and to-the-point knowledge of her life’s work immerses viewers to how important matching clothes can be in one’s life. I even am about matching my clothes, and watching “Iris” makes me curious now if my clothes always match before I get ready for the day.

The film is directed by Albert Maysles. He just passed away in March 2015. So sad, given this was an artistic movie he did well with. It would have been more positive if he can live to see more of his success. Anyway, most of his movies geared on arts. Examples are “Time Piece” (2006), and “The Gates” (2007). He made anything along the lines of art be a focus in his films. I feel he did this because art played a part in his life, especially among terms of directing; may he rest in peace.

Despite arts and crafts not being my thing, I enjoyed “Iris.” Learning about someone’s passion in a movie can move viewers positively for inspiration. That inspiration does not even have to be art; it can be many things. Just you got to start somewhere.


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