“Burnt” Review


Many may have read not the best reviews of “Burnt.” I found the movie to be quite enthralling. The theme of cooking is taken seriously in this movie. That is something I found unique and classy about this clever, independent flick. Bradley Cooper is top-notch and so is Sienna Miller. The movie is serious, charming, and very honest. I personally think that this movie is one that I will watch again in the future for something to watch just to feel happy or entertained.

The plot of the movie is about a chef named Adam Jones (Cooper). A chef that has had a rough past and career but is looking to get back into the game with his knowledge of food. He keeps a journal with many keys and ideas of what makes food good to perfection. Therefore, he invents his own restaurant business. When he does this, he hires numerous chefs, buys expensive supplies, and lays the rules of how to cook professionally in his kitchen.

Jones is a man of talent, but also has the assistance to make better for his restaurant. His assistant is Helene (Miller), a fun girl that is also a top chef. Both build a relationship for success and have their differences. The movie does a good job at implying the pros and cons of these two actors. Both of them cook differently, have different routines, and are just different individuals.

The director is John Wells. He directs the Showtime series “Shameless.” I feel his writing relates more to “Shameless” as it does with “Burnt.” The fact that things go wrong no matter what, and that is something that happens with both “Shameless” and “Burnt.” However with “Burnt” he has it start off kind of funny, in the middle point, the movie gets serious, and then later everything goes in an unpredictable manner. I will not elaborate much on this concept. That is something for viewers to have to find out for themselves.

Overall, “Burnt” is fairly classy with elegance. I love the concept of food, the seriousness of the film, the acting, and the story. I found myself mesmerized in certain serious moments. Especially with Cooper, he never disappoints. He acts well as he does in “American Hustle” (2013), “American Sniper” (2014), and many other films to name. I think I may watch it again.

Three and a half stars.

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