“Creed” Review by Tarek Fayoumi


Some may have thought that the “Rocky” franchise was over, however, it lives on with “Creed.” Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone are a revelation. It is a film that is about pride, honor, and glory. Jordan never breaks character. He has the “Rocky” mind-set focused on being a brilliant boxer. Director Ryan Coogler makes his mark with one of the best films of 2015. That movie is “Creed.”


The plot of the film focuses on Adonis Creed (Jordan). He is a boy who never knew his father, because he passed before he was born. His father was Apollo Creed, one of Rocky Balboa’s (Stallone) opponents back in the “Rocky” movies. Adonis has spent his childhood getting into fights. He does this because he wants to be a fighter just like his father was. He finds Balboa, introduces himself, and convinces Balboa to train him. Together they prep for a match that will hopefully make Adonis a champion just like his father was.


What I liked about the movie was its scenery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I felt like I was watching a new “Rocky.” That new “Rocky” is Jordan. He wakes up early, he runs, lifts, and trains all in the heart of Philadelphia. The movie shows the “Rocky” legacy living on. This is accomplished through the familiar setting, the plot, the story and its characters.


I love this movie. I am a fan of Coogler’s 2013 sensation, “Fruitvale Station” which also starred Jordan. That film was a serious adaptation of what one man went through on a rough and dramatic last day of 2008. What I liked better about “Creed” though was that it is positive, whereas “Fruitvale Station” is pure drama. Jordan fits better in films that have a positive resolution because of the type of actor he is. According to the press, he is kind, generous, and takes his roles seriously. He manages to take the role in “Creed” to the extent that it becomes a work of art sensation.


Overall, “Creed” is a film worthy of an award. If you like boxing, or “Rocky,” you will love this movie as much as I did. It will make you cry, and you will not want the movie to end. The acting is top-notch. I was enthralled from start to finish with this sports action thriller that is also a captivating drama. Go check out “Creed.”


Four stars.


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