Alita: Battle Angel Review

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Directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by James Cameron, “Alita: Battle Angel” is decent. It is a two-hour movie with tons of breathtaking CG animation, and the 3-D component is one that Cameron developed as a stereo imaging system which he used in his documentary films. I found “Alita: Battle Angel” to be a movie that tells its story through the eyes of a robot that had a past life. I went in with low expectations, but I was impressed to an extent. I was able to tell that Cameron had to do with the technical and visual elements, because the graphics and special effects are faded as they were in “Ghosts of the Abyss” (2003) and “Aliens of the Deep” (2005). I saw both of those movies in IMAX way back in the day. I remember that 3-D was not a huge ordeal yet in multiplex cinemas. For me, watching those two movies in IMAX felt like I was in movie heaven back in the day. However, this film is not fully in Cameron’s hands, it is in the hands of Rodriguez.

The film’s main character is Alita (played by Rossa Salazar), she is a deactivated cyborg that is brought back to life, however she does not recall any elements of her past life. This leads her to go on a journey to come to terms with who she really is. The man who revives her is Dr Dyson Ido (played by Christoph Waltz). He tries to help Alita understand what the world is made of, but she is so set on figuring out where she came from and what it is like to be a human. She has one element that is extraordinary to Ido and the people around her. She is dangerous and destructive. She wants to find answers to the truth of where she came from, but she will have to go through many obstacles to get to that route in her life.

The futuristic setting is enthralling in this movie. There is a crazy sport with multiple people and one ball that requires going around in multiple circles. I like how the film has a creative side to it. I mean given this is directed by Rodriguez, it compared to the terrible “Spy Kids: Game Over” but much better than that. That is because this movie was not cheesy, it cared about its story and its graphics and not much on getting audience responses based on 3-D effects.

Waltz is a brilliant actor. Regardless of what movie he is, he always plays the role that fits him. In most of his films, viewers are generally use to him play the charming, yet evil antagonist with a very laid-back sense of humor. In this movie, he has the laid-back humor, but is not the bad guy, he is the good guy who is protective. I also thought that he fit the role of play a doc. He has the intelligence, the acting style, and the professionalism deep down inside him to play someone that is intelligent.

Overall, “Alita: Battle Angel” was pretty good. I had a fun time with this movie. I will probably watch it again in another premium format depending. I will say three stars. This film does make me hope for the day to come soon for the next “Avatar” film. That is because it was Cameron’s technology, but not his directing. If he directed this movie, I am sure it would have been much more brilliant.


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