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In terms of movies that combine war, psychological behavior, and deep characterization, Apocalypse Now Final Cut is even more in depth in this special released than the original 1979 version. I saw the movie at Navy Pier’s IMAX where the advanced technology, sound, and the additions to the cut of Apocalypse Now makes the audience feel like it is brand new. Francis Ford Coppola is the master of directing films which focus on enemies and their connections. In Apocalypse Now Final Cut, the enemies are psychologically thrilling throughout the movie. This is a ride that is engrossing, yet haunting (even forty years later).

The film takes place in the 1970s during the Vietnam War. Our hero is Captain Willard (played by Martin Sheen). Willard is given an assignment to assassinate the ruthless Colonel Kurtz (played by Marlon Brando). Willard is assigned to this because Kurtz went crazy and violent deciding to make a few plans of his own including not taking orders from any of his superiors. Willard is on a Navy Patrol boat with some young college-aged soldiers. He later meets an Air Cavalry officer, Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (played by Robert Duvall). Willard’s trust is most with Kilgore, but as he continues with his team in the shady rivers of Vietnam, the films tone gets darker as he later comes across a bizarre photojournalist (played by Dennis Hopper). Apocalypse Now Final Cut is one of those films where the audience is left feeling uncomfortable yet enticed.

When I first watched Apocalypse Now back in 2011, I remember what captivated me the most about the movie was the deep narrations as the film progressed. The narration is Willard and given the old cut of the movie is grainy with audio, not every narration seemed clear to me.  In Apocalypse Now Final Cut, things are much more crystal clear as both audio and visuals were restored. When I saw this in IMAX, I found myself curious about what conflict scenarios will be featured in the next three-hour cut of this film. The film is a thrill ride of horror, realistic warfare, betrayal and confusion. The additional time which was added provides even more shock value to the viewers.

After seeing this film, I have tons of respect for Martin Sheen as an actor. He plays the role of someone who has some mental health disorders very well. He is serious and stays in character while acts out the addiction scenes due to his character’s mental health struggles Also, I remember reading through trivia pages that Sheen suffered some health issues through the process of filming but continued to do this movie. I believe that Apocalypse Now Final Cut will make fans grow even more impressed by Sheen, because his performance was truly Oscar-worthy. Overall, I found Sheen’s role to be so memorable I consider it to be one of the best performances in cinema history.

Apocalypse Now Final Cut is a film that can be seen on some select days in some select locations. For fans of war movies and Francis Ford Coppola, this is one that I believe all cinema aficionados need to see. Especially if someone has never seen this movie on the big screen or has never seen any of the other cuts. Most re-released cuts for movies do not turn out to be very good and just tend to drag. However, this cut of Apocalypse Now is a visual and marvelous sensation that will take its audience on a rollercoaster ride of darkness. I give Apocalypse Now Final Cut four stars.


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