Val Review

For a while I thought Val Kilmer was trying to avoid the spotlight due to his health problems, but that is apparently not true. In Val, directors Ting Poo and Leo Scott deliver us a faithful documentary on the life of Kilmer. The film is an excellent representation of Kilmer’s talent, success, fame, and waves of both good times and bad times, and much of it is in the voice of Kilmer’s son, Jack. I found myself sinking in my seat with tons of emotions, and they were all positive ones.
The film spans 40 years of Val Kilmer’s life, starting from his younger days, and it rotates between the present and past in Val’s life. Although the film shows a lot of Val’s work ranging from his stage acting days to becoming a film actor, it is more than just a recap of his career. Val lost his voice to throat cancer recently, and his story and the structure of the film, with his son Jack narrating much of it and Val voicing others despite his cancer, is very moving. It shows that love for acting, the arts, and life still exist in Val’s life.
I found myself thinking back to some of Val’s movies that I loved the most, including Top Gun (1986), Real Genius (1985), Batman Forever (1995), and many other classics that he has starred in. Val’s recollections of his films, by Val himself, were mesmerizing.
Overall, Val is a faithful and winning documentary. I learned so much about Val Kilmer from this film, and I loved seeing that Val is not giving up despite his throat cancer. He still has the talent to tell his story, and many people will be touched by it. Do not miss Val. It is a beautiful film with a vast landscape. I give it four stars.


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