The Green Knight Review

It has been quite some time since I have experienced an enchanting and dazzling medieval suspense flick. Director David Lowery’s The Green Knight is all that, and then some. It is spectacular and grand, artistically spellbinding, and Dev Patel gives a knockout performance as Sir Gaiwan. Nobody could play the challenged yet determined knight better than Patel.
The film focuses on Patel as Gaiwan, the nephew of King Arthur, played by Sean Harris. Gaiwan believes he is strong and capable to be honored the respect and title of knight. But to earn that honor he must face a treacherous journey with many creatures and enemies, the biggest one being the Green Knight, a monster that tests the boundaries of his strength. Gaiwan faces many other challenges as well, including the shady Lord, played by Joel Edgerton, and even his love for Essel, played by Alicia Vikander, presents challenges. Gaiwan also finds himself in uncharted territory as he questions his notions of right and wrong.
I was so enthralled with this medieval thriller. The film felt more like a theatrical performance than a film. It was set up in acts, like a play, and the setup gave an idea of the conflict that was coming. Lowery also had almost a David Fincher approach to the vast scenery around the forests of Ireland, where the film was shot. By this I mean he sets up some of the scenes with darkness and faded colors to give the viewer a sense that evil is abound or bad things are about to happen. Fincher does that in many of his films, but Lowery uses the technique well in the The Green Knight’s stunning forest scenes.
Oscar winning actor Dev Patel, who has already accomplished so much in his career, really steps up his game in The Green Knight, if that’s possible. From his starring roles in many great films, including Slumdog Millionaire (2008), The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015), and Lion (2016), he has shown that he is truly one of the top actors of our time. His acting and the mood he evokes bring a realism to the film that will have viewers feeling the emotions he is feeling as he navigates his journey.
The Green Knight may be just a bit slow at times, but it takes the medieval format to an entirely new level. It is destined to be a triumphant hit. Three and a half stars for The Green Knight.


4 thoughts on “The Green Knight Review”

  1. This is a great review Tarek! And it sounds like a film I would like to see. Keep up the good work. Anne Rasmussen


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