Old Review

Director M. Night Shyamalan makes horror suspense films with lots of plot twists, and Old has a ton of them. It is chilling, and a fairly fun thriller flick, but not exactly what I would call amazing.

Old is set in the Dominican Republic. Gael Garcia Bernal is Guy, and Vicky Krieps is Prisca, a couple taking their children on vacation for a break from their impending divorce. The tropical resort is fancy, but the family has no idea what they are in for. They go to a deserted beach, and the couple soon realizes that their kids are aging rapidly by the hour. And it’s not just just the aging—many other bizarre events occur with the family and others on the beach.

Most of Shyamalan’s movies have been set on the east coast of the US, so it was refreshing to see this movie shot in a tropical setting. It was creative, with the growing horror on the deserted beach, and there were even a few laughs. But it was predictable, and the writing seemed lacking.

I enjoyed Shyamalan’s previous films, including Signs (2002) and The Village(2005), more than Old. Those films were original and had unexpected twists, whereas Old felt, well, a little old and predictable.

Overall, Old is fun for its easy shock value and a few laughs. And I do believe that Shyamalan has a creative mind and is capable of brilliant work. But I was not big on Old, and I would say it is just an average thriller/suspense film. This one gets two and a half stars.


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