ShadowMarsh Review

Indie filmmakers Matt Leal (director) and Matthew Festle (writer) have released ShadowMarsh, a limited-budget horror film that takes horror creativity to a whole new level. And full disclosure—yours truly had the privilege of being an associate producer and even had a minor acting role in the film!

ShadowMarsh introduces us to Jacob Tomlin, played by Mike Ferguson, and Jacob’s niece Piper Tomlin, played by Ellen Woomer. They move back to Shadowmarsh, the town where they both grew up. The town is quiet now but evil from a long ago event is still lurking. Jacob is close with town sheriff Sam Tate, played by Lew Temple. Also prominently featured are Toby Harris, played by Jackson Everest, and Lori Meyers, played by Corinne Mica. The story includes many other local people who have heard of the ancient evil around them, but very few of them take it seriously. As the terror mounts many of these unbelievers have to fend for themselves.

ShadowMarsh is the second film offering from Three Keys Media and aficionados of horror flicks will agree that it is unlike any horror film that fans have ever seen. The horror is uber realistic, making the film grotesque yet visually enticing. It also builds some impressive suspense, and even has an interesting bit of political ideology thrown in.

The small-town setting of Shadowmarsh is perfectly suited to the film. And the title of the film—the same name as the town itself—telegraphs some of the darkness to come. All things considered, the film is an absolute success for these emerging filmmakers. So far, distribution is via dvd, blu-ray, or even old school VHS through the filmmakers’ website,
Jump on the site and grab a copy—you won’t regret it. Three and a half stars for ShadowMarsh.


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