The Adam Project Review

Director Shawn Levy makes futuristic sci-fi fantasy movies with a humor twist. Some of the humor in his previous flicks could be sarcastic or raunchy, but not so with his newest, The Adam Project. It’s a fun and heartfelt movie, and one that the whole family can enjoy.

The Adam Project starts in the year 2050 and then transitions to 2022, with a stop in 2018 for good measure. The film introduces us to young Adam, played by Walker Scobell. 2022 Adam is just a boy living with his single mom, played by Jennifer Garner. Adam’s father has died, and Adam is isolated and sad. But his life suddenly changes when a man falls into his world and asks for his help. This man is also Adam, and the special surprise for young Adam is that this is actual him, but all grown up. Big Adam, played by Ryan Reynolds, has time traveled from 2050 to 2022. Together, they pair up to try and rescue the future.

Ryan Reynolds’ performance in The Adam Project is stellar (no pun intended). He goes from a video-game character in Free Guy (2021) to playing a time traveler partnering with his younger self in this film. Reynolds is perfect because he has a unique acting style and he has a knack for giving us unexpected laughs. I also loved the chemistry between Reynolds and Scobell. Especially poignant is when the Adams travel back to 2018 and find their father Louis, played by Mark Ruffalo.

The future orientation of The Adam Projectreally drew me in, and the transitions between years is interesting and well done. The film is simply a treat. Well worth a watch on Netflix. And again, it’s a movie that the family can watch together. Three and a half stars for The Adam Project.


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