Jaws the IMAX Experience Review

The 1975 classic Jaws is back…in IMAX. With restored imagery and revamped sound, the IMAX experience makes the Steven Spielberg classic even more immersive and grand with exciting suspense. In my fourth big screen experience with Jaws, the IMAX experience had me in awe with all the classic moments that fans will never forget. The frightening and terrorizing scoring of music, the underwater sequences, and the shark attacks are back in new dimensions. I cannot get enough of Jaws. I know that its die-hard fans will not want to miss this experience. They will not just love it for its classic nostalgia, but they will also love it with how much invigorating the experience is in IMAX.

The suspense before, during, and after the chaos and danger of the shark creature is taken to new heights in IMAX. With the digital restorations, the shark up close is more realistic and frightening. However, the scenery and the ocean aspects are just marvelous throughout the IMAX experience. I felt I was in a world of pure Spielberg sensations as I was watching Jaws in IMAX. Spielberg knows how to work a camera to capture sequences of importance. He even knows how to do this when it comes to capturing sequences of danger.

To recap the plot of Jaws. These are the important characters. There is Brody (played by Roy Schneider), Quint (played by Robert Shaw), and Hooper (played by Richard Dreyfuss). Brody is the local sheriff of a beach community, Quint is a seafarer, and Hooper is a marine biologist. As a dangerous shark is going all around the waters of the beach (which Brody oversees), these three men must team up to defeat the shark. The challenging thing though, is the shark may be bigger than they can handle. But with a boat, lots of gunpowder, and tons of water knowledge, they may have a chance.

The IMAX experience brings the action and interest up to a whole different level. I felt more in tune with the character development towards the initiatives of the shark plans. That is because With Spielberg’s filmmaking, his style is in-depth, and in IMAX it makes Jaws feel like a reestablished revisit to its classical scenarios. With the classic quote, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” The boat is bigger, but the shark is bigger as well. That is because it is IMAX. I felt I was in the bigger boat with the world’s largest screen along with the world’s largest beast in Jaws.

This is an experience to not be missed. Jaws is only an IMAX for a limited time. It is an amazing classic to be revisited, but also even more exciting for those who have never watched it before. The first timers watching this in IMAX will experience a cinematic ride that is one for the ages. A classic redefined in the many technological brilliance in IMAX. Four stars for Jaws the IMAX experience.

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