Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul is a supposed comedy about a scandal at a megachurch. I found very little humor in the film. In fact, I would call it mega-ridiculous.

In the film, Regina Hall plays Trinitie Childs, the First Lady of a Southern Baptist megachurch, and Sterling K. Brown plays Lee-Curtis Childs, Trinitie’s husband and the pastor of the megachurch. At one point their megachurch had tens of thousands of attendees, but after a huge scandal they must find a way to rebuild their following. They pursue every measure to help regain their following but, sadly, they do a rather terrible job at this task.

Even though the film is quirky and not very funny, its character development between Hall and Brown is excellent. The subject matter is the problem. There is not enough detail regarding the scandal to know how serious to take the film. And overall it is just an obscure and harsh film, and rather blunt and out of focus. I also found this film to be off-putting. Some fans may find it funny, but I am sure many will find it offensive or a waste of time. My expectations going into the film were neutral, and I left disappointed.

I am not extremely religious, but my relationship with my religion is important. I didn’t find the title of this film, Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul particularly appealing, and I will say it is a film of consistent mediocrities. It is one of those films where I was questioning my laughter based on its rather off premise. The film tries to find its hysterical elements, and it doesn’t do a good job at that. I had my times where I felt intrigued and laughed here and there, but it was more from the humor of Brown’s ego. With that, I will say just two stars for Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul.


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