The Silent Twins Review

The Silent Twins is a true story. One where its realism is expanded with lighting and colorful cinematography through many increments of the film. The technical aspects tie into the true story of June and Jennifer Gibbons. The story is heavy. Heavy enough where I found it challenging to experience the moments of sadness or frustration between both the twins. The film may lead others to have all kinds of emotions due to the seriousness of the issues in which are true in the film’s writing. The Silent Twins gets deep and dark with drastic scenarios, but it only inspires its audience to keep the ones we love close.

The true concept of the twins choosing to be silent shows growth in the twin’s life. It also shows deceit and challenges between the two. One develops better academic skills while the other lacks, and one is more of a risk-taker than the other. The Silent Twins is a film that shows how siblings have clashing relationships. Not just with falling apart and not getting along, but also realizing the differences between each other. As an individual who has a sibling, The Silent Twins hit close to home for me. That is because of how the twins have their moments that go awry. When that does happen, they still want to feel connected. I have had my moments in my life where I have had that, and I still wanted to feel connected. The Silent Twins is a landscape spanning many years of a deep relationship between two sisters, and how they always wanted to stick together.

In elaborating on the plot, this is the setup of the film. Letitia Wright plays June and Tamara Lawrence plays Jennifer. They are two twins with a very close bond. The secret to their troubled lives though is because of how they remain quiet. They never talk with anyone in the real world except for each other. Throughout their years together, they have shared love for the arts, and always have correlated the fragments of their creative minds. Despite their touching and empathetic bond towards each other, they become known as “the silent twins.” Their silence though has caused disconnect with their families and their resources. It has also caused them to fall into moments of criminal activity and legal issues. As their lives spiral to be a disaster, they remain silent and only communicate with each other. Their criminal choices though, result in having to stay at Broadmoor. That is a psychiatric hospital. After a wildlife of growing up in Whales, and a unique pattern of behaviors, the Gibbons only remain close to each other, no matter the negative circumstances.

The psychiatric hospital moments left me with mixed feelings. I asked myself questions. Is June or Jennifer better than one another? Has one made more mistakes than the other? Do their lives have to suffer when they have so much to live for? The Silent Twins correlates past and present in many hard scenarios. They may be hard to see, however, I will say the empathy grows strong throughout the many trial and error situations for Jennifer and June.

The Silent Twins is visually moving. Its storyline is in-depth with its authenticity. I will say this one of the most empathetic and visually moving films I have seen in a long time. There is light in many corners in The Silent Twins. Viewers will hope that there is lighter than that they experience with the film. Three and a half stars.


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