Don’t Worry Darling Review

There are films where sci-fi is captivating and there ones where artificial intelligence is out of this world. In Don’t Worry Darling, both those elements are mediocre. Don’t Worry Darling lacks in both entertainment and characterization. The biggest appeal is the film’s cast. The film may have a stellar lineup of celebrities, but that aspect does not make the film any better. Even the writing is unstructured. That leads to the pacing being off also. Don’t Worry Darling look cool (to me) at first, however it is a disaster in all forms.

The film falls in genre categories of Drama, Mystery, and Thriller. Realistically it is sci-fi. The sci-fi aspects are vibrant in the beginning. When the conflicts arise, the film is poor and uninviting. From my experience with Don’t Worry Darling, it is because of its lacking foundation in the setup of the film. There is not much detail to why or how the setting is in the film. There is also not much evidence or background on the conflicting issues or resentments with all the cast in the film. The one inviting aspect was the actress, Olivia Wilde. She is not only one of the leads of the film, but also the director.

In Don’t Worry Darling, the film takes place in California. The setting is an experimental community that is utopian. It is setup where the men go to work, and the women stay home. The characters are Alice Chambers (played by Florence Pugh), Jack Chambers (played by Harry Styles), Bunny (played by Olivia Wilde), and Frank (played by Chris Pine). The film is setup where the men work for a prestige company, while the women stay home. As the more secrets tend to cause questioning, the ladies begin to rebel against their husbands wishes. That is where Don’t Worry Darling begins to lack. There is no foundation setup of the dynamics of the families. To further elaborate, it is also just poorly written and one where I felt I could not take the performances seriously. There may be a bigger secret to the film’s center of its problems. The film’s directing though is absurd.

As the tensions starts to add fuel to the fire in the film, that is where I felt there was more not making sense. The expectations of husbands and their wives is wacky. On top of that, there is occurrences that do not add value to the film’s suspense theme. Most of the unexplained dramatics are out of tune. There is little to no explanation of their happenings. Don’t Worry Darling do not know how to captivate its audience. It also does not know how to create invigorating character dynamics. All the moments of its characterization factors are ridiculous.

Don’t Worry Darling was promising for me at the start. I knew of the mixed clashing conflicts with the actors and filmmakers, that the film may not be that great. I still had faith in it though. It did not live up to my expectations though. It did though live up to the technical aspects with the brisk and amazing scenery of California. Regardless though, the film had disappointment after disappointment. That is rather unfortunate, because the all-star cast had me excited to have the experience to see Don’t Worry Darling. Sadly though, it is one where many should expect to set their expectations low.

Trying to remain positive here, but it is not coming easy. Don’t Worry Darling was probably one of the most mediocre experiences for me this year. I feel that it could have been so much better. It is obvious though, that the film was rushed and with all the previous conflicts, that that probably was factor to why the film turned out how it was. Two stars for Don’t Worry Darling.


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