Moonage Daydream Review

As the song Major Tom starts to echo, the journey of MoonageDaydream becomes an instant odyssey. The odyssey is filled with archived footage, interviews, concerts clips, and many more artistic facts which are interesting and dazzling. Director Brett Morgen knows how to recreate scenes from the mind of a talented artist. In this case the artist is David Bowie. MoonageDaydream delivers excellence through the archived footage of Bowie. Throughout the film, I felt in-tune with Bowie due to his incredible skills as a musician and an artist. Moonage Daydreamis like a space odyssey with transitions that are spectacular and colorful and accompanied by Bowie’s music echoing throughout the film.

The film was not only directed by Morgen but was also approved by the Bowie Estate. The film’s documentary layout is a journey through the life of Bowie, but it is not your typical documentary. While you can certainly jam to the music, the film offers an experience which remind its audience of what created Bowie and allowed him to be the talented musician he was. As the archives continue to roll, the audience will feel they are with Bowie reliving the many inspiring moments he created for the world.

In my experience seeing the film in IMAX, I felt it wasemotional and exhilarating. The film’s explanations of the archives show how much creativity Bowie had. In the interview archives he talks a candidly about his passion to make art and the role it plays in his life. Through the authenticity of Bowie’s words, I felt true empathy and encouragement to pursue the art we love to create.

In terms of an experience, Moonage Daydream also offers fans a look back a Bowie’s career. It shows archives of ticket vendors where people waited in anticipation to see him live. Given the limited technology at the time, true fans had to put in considerable effort to experience a live show. Seeing Bowie’sfrom back in the day, reminded me of how live events work today and how technology has changed our world. Bowie also changed the world, but he did so with all the artistic gifts he left for his fans before he died.

Moonage Daydream is a landscape of positive and sad moments. The music is skillfully blended with the visuals and narration. Every little aspect of Bowie is beautifully choreographed to make him the soul focus of the film. It is a musical documentary that will inspire the world. Its pacing is vibrant, and the film offers more depth than most fans will remember. Three and a half stars for Moonage Daydream.


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