Bros Review

The world has become more accepting towards those who identify as gay, bisexual, lesbian and queer. It has also become more accepting towards those who are questioning their identity or are confused. The times become even more accepting with the arrival of Bros, the first gay and romantic comedy to be in the hands of a big studio, Universal.

Bros is directed and written by Nicholas Stoller and co-written by Billy Eichner (one of the leads in the film). It is a funny and lighthearted film that is also stellar in its writing and characterizations. The film is filled with compassion and sincerity, and I found myself laughing and having a wonderful time during much of the film. Bros finds its meaning in a sensitive subject matter. Despite the challenging subject, it is made to be relatable to many people around the world. And it shouldn’t matter whether viewers identify as straight, gay, or otherwise—everyone will love the film. Bros is simply one hell of an uplifting and enthusiastic romantic comedy.

Bros we’re introduced to Bobby, played by Billy Eichner. A gay man with a successful career running museum exhibits, Bobby is an introvert who loves his life of solitude. This all changes when he meets Aaron Shepard, played by Luke MacFarlane. Aaron is kind of like Bobby, but more outgoing and more of a social butterfly than Bobby. Bobby and Aaron begin to date, but with their different personalities comes a range of challenges and obstacles. Tackling this is what makes Bros a hit and future classic, with all the grounds it covers in the relationship of Bobby and Aaron.

What stood out to me in Bros was the humor and enthusiasm found in the chemistry between Bobby and Aaron. Their conversations are hilarious and enticing. They talk a lot about shows, movies, and many subjects that are prime in today’s world. A moment that spoke to me the most is when Bobby talks about how he believes there is favoritism toward straight people in Hollywood. Whether that is true or not, it’s an important conversation to have, and it’s topic that many individuals will be able to relate to.

Bros is one of the funniest, honest, and charming films of this year. There are simply no limits to the honesty in its writing and characterizations. It dives into the feelings of Bobby and Aaron with honesty, compassion, and understanding. It is purely touching. The film’s chemistry is a challenging journey, one with loving moments. Bros has the keys to many evolving doors, and it is an endearing comedy. Three and a half stars for Bros.


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