Creed 3 Review

In this the third installment of the Creedfranchise, Creed III, directed by Michael B. Jordan, who also stars as Adonis, there is no Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, and the film shifts the storyline from the previous two films. Adonis has made his mark and his money with his boxing championships, and it appears he is set to live life to the fullest. But the past is not through with Adonis. He may just have to put his gloves back on for true resolution and redemption from his past.

In Creed III, Adonis is living his best life with his wife and daughter, being a millionaire from his boxing success. He has the mansion, the fancy cars, everything a rich man can ever imagine, although his family is still his biggest priority. His wife Bianca Creed (played by Tessa Thompson) and his daughter Amara Creed (played by Mila Davis-Kent) make his life shine. His mother Mary-Anne Creed (played by Phylicia Rashad) is still a big part of his life. It is obvious that boxing has benefited Adonis because he has has earned enough to retire, live off his royalties and sponsorships, and just feel like everything is right in his life. But this all starts to change when his old friend Damian Anderson (played by Jonathan Majors) comes back into Adonis’s life. Damian and Adonis go way back, getting into all kinds of trouble. Damian has done time behind bars. Adonis got out of the streets and worked his way up with boxing. Damian wants a shot to be a pro boxer. Adonis is against that, but their past though leads to one choice—to settle their differences in the ring.

The boxing takes a back seat in Creed III, and the conflict between Adonis and Damian is the real deal. The boxing ring becomes a circle of vengeance between the two. With Damian having been in prison for many years, he may have some anger built up that comes out in his fighting. And with Adonis having retired, he needs to take his training on a new level to avoid sustaining serious injuries. Can the ring settle everything between Adonis and Damian? With Adonis fighting without Rocky as a mentor, is his lifestyle and family is at risk? Who has more to lose in the ring? Creed III is a nailbiter of dark pasts, and realizations of how boxing can hide the anger and emotions one has while in the ring.

Even though there is no Rocky in Creed III, the film still heads in the right direction. With Jordan in his directorial debut as well as the star, Creed III succeeds in continuing the boxing film legacy. A most exciting continuation in fact, especially with Adonis having to face consequences from his past.

So who will be the champion—Adonis or Damian? Does Adonis still have the skills and agility to succeed in the ring? Creed III is a wild ride of rampage and boxing adventure. Three and a half stars for Creed III.


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