The Quiet Girl

Films that make audiences feel empathy and love are films that captivate me deeply. Movies that paint a picture in which someone wants to feel touched or comforted are endearing to me. The Quiet Girl, written and directed by Colm Bairead,has all the loving qualities that make it impactful in a positive way. The Quiet Girl is directed and written by Colm Bairead. The one-of-a-kind styleis soothing because of its compassion. The Irish setting is visually audacious making it one of the most moving films I have experienced in a long time.

As the film begins, the audience will feel a sense of connection which is present throughout the whole film. The film’s presentation is enhanced through its wonderful setting, wonderful characters, and wonderful plot. The Quiet Girl will enthrall its audience based on the deep emotions revealing what it means to be there for someone. The film also displays the acceptance of the various challenges faced by the main character. The Quiet Girl’s dialogue is in the Gaelic language. While there are moments in English, the Gaelic makes the realism of The Quiet Girl shine.

The Quiet Girl focuses on a young girl named Cait (played by Catherine Clinch). Cait lives in a large dysfunctional family household in which her family does not provide much for her. Cait does not receive the right kind of nurturing many would expect from parents. Because Cait’s family faces so many problems at home, she gets sent away to live with a middle-aged couple on her mother’s side of the family. When Cait steps foot into her new life with Sean and Eibhlin (played by Andrew Bennett and Carrie Crowley), she feels a sense of change which is initially hard for her to take in at such a young age. Eibhlin does what is right for Cait. She nurtures her, spoils her, and teaches Cait that she is more than welcome to make herself at home. All of this is like a blur to Cait at first after years of living in a dysfunctional household. For the first time in Cait’s life, Cait feels free and loved. But will she always be able to live happily like this?

The movie’s portrayal of people having big hearts is what really makes The Quiet Girl have a positive impact.  The Quiet Girl is a beautiful portrait of love being found in people’s hearts. Deep down behind Cait’s little eyes, it is clear she is emotionally confused trying to come to terms with her previous life at home and the new life she is becoming adjusted to. Fortunately, her new life has many moments which are uplifting and affirming. The Quiet Girl is a simple yet astonishing work of art. Nothing can beat the power of the love and imagery makes this film a masterpiece.

As I mentioned before, love permeates The Quiet Girl. The visceral load of that critical element is what makes The Quiet Girl memorable. Love is what is meant to happen for Cait. I will always treasure The Quiet Girl for the loving light it sheds on human relationships.

The Quiet Girl has many sad moments, but in the end, it finds the bright side of life. The Quiet Girl is alluring, delightful, elegant, and warm. The Irish culture shines purely and lovingly in The Quiet Girl. Many simple delights of the human experience is what audiences will feel when they see The Quiet Girl. Four stars.


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