Book Club: The Next Chapter Review

What could be better than the continued story of four wonderful ladies living their life to the fullest? Find out in Book Club: The Next Chapter, directed by Bill Holderman who also gave us Book Club in 2018. This time, the joy among the ladies in the film is contagious as they live life like they are young again. Book Club: The Next Chapter includes many pointers on the concept of feeling young again. With Jane Fonda (as Vivian), Mary Steenburgen (as Carol), Candice Bergen (as Sharon), and Diane Keaton (as Diane), these ladies bask away into the wonders of a trip that will enrich their lives no matter how old they feel. 

Book Club: The Next Chapter continues from the first film in the franchise. The first one focused on Vivian, Carol, Sharon, and Diane becoming fascinated with the novel 50 Shades of Grey. Of course, the audience knows how that novel was encouraging to them. In Book Club: The Next Chapter, Vivian is engaged. Her wonderful news makes them all decide to take a trip to Italy. Adventure awaits among the four lifelong friends. There are loads of positive vibes throughout the film.. They experience more culture and realize the fascinations of life they have not yet fulfilled. Book Club: The Next Chapter is delightful because of the incredible chemistry between Vivian, Carol, Sharon, and Diane.

As the ladies escape into the vast scenery of Italy, they encounter many intriguing facts about the country. They also exhibit that they still have stamina and plenty of energy. They still get excited by feelings of  love and escape.  Keaton as one of the leads is the most empathetic and encouraging.. She knows how to portray a character who is having a fantastic time. Fonda does as well. Bergen and Steenburgen’s characters are more of the introverts in the party. The many personalities are a bit like a Sex and the City reunion except with the ladies being a decade or more  older. They do know how to have a jolly time though, and Book Club: The Next Chapter will entertain its audience in this one-of-a-kind comedy. For a sequel, it is quite invigorating, and better than the first.

Ageism is represented with an inspirational tone in Book Club: The Next Chapter. In real-life Fonda is in her 80s, and the other three actresses are all in their 70s. All of these ladies still have that magic charm with positive and upbeat attitudes which their fans will cherish. There are golden moments with each and every one of the ladies throughout Book Club: The Next Chapter.

There are, however, a few mid-life crises to deal with by some of the ladies, but they are thoughtfully presented with a loving perspective. Book Club: The Next Chapter reminds its audience to appreciate life’s wonders and feel lucky to be alive. Although the movie is presented in a romcom fashion, the story is an interesting blend of culture, friendship, and new journeys. The film is quirky in some scenes, but overall, it is a well done continuation. Three stars for Book Club: The Next Chapter.


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