“A Hard Day’s Night” Review

a hard days night


Are The Beatles still amazing? That question is a yes, when people experience “A Hard Days Night” on the big screen, and the experience is amazing with it being digitally restored.


The focus of the film is the life of The Beatles Band on a typical day. The stars (that everyone loves) are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The director Richard Lester makes the experience amazing with the technical aspects of focusing on McCartney’s performance of “And I Lover Her.” He does this professionally by using a 360-degree pan around him, and that was accomplished by dangling the camera from strings in marionette-style and he moves it in a circle around McCartney.


During the chase scenes with The Beatles and the fans, the fans chasing them were real fans. That aspect left me in admiration because the high popularity of this group would require security. Surprisingly, this aspect worked without any fans losing their minds.


I want to get back to talking about other captivating areas of the film. When it comes to British Films, I love the James Bond Series. In a moment where Starr is in a gambling club, it was the same club as “Dr. No.” All of a sudden, both of these movies were in the same bar, and were originally released by United Artists.


“A Hard Days Night” is full of many great songs and great cinematography; it can be irresistible, also. It feels like an opportunity to see The Beatles for a second time, or even experience them in concert for the first time. The film’s vast quality does inspire a great deal of admiration for the Beatles.


Three stars.

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