Manny Rodriguez’s “The Fluffy Movie” is a comedy concert film that captures the on-stage performance of Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. The opening is a mini-version of him around age nine or ten renting Eddie Murphy’s stand up special, which is called “Raw” and laughing hysterically.


I have watched many films on the topic of stand-up comedy, and that opening with the kid watching a vulgar comedian defines a devoted comedian. Iglesias has the delivery, the material, and the expressions to make satirical and be memorable.


Iglesias does not go right to being raunchy as most comedians do, and he never has. I see that his creative sense of humor and stories from his life is what he wants his fans to be dazzled by. An example is Iglesias talking about his son Frankie. He talks about his son bored with his Nintendo Wii and Iglesias tells the audience how he explained video gaming in his life back in the day. “Back in the day, I had a Nintendo Entertainment System, and that thing was like performing CPR.” He tells a variety of stories of how his son tries to get his way. Perhaps this storytelling strategy of Iglesias makes his fans have connections to what he is talking about.


The one joyful aspect of “The Fluffy Movie” is that it is hysterical without containing cuss words. There are some comedians that cuss a lot, cuss a little, and some that do not cuss at all. Iglesias makes funny points with clean material (but has some edgy topics for a short duration of his shows) and quirky noises.


This film was entertaining on the big screen. What is a bigger deal though, is it is totally “Fluffy.”


Three stars.


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